In which I fear for the republic.

Have you ever had one of those moments, when you just wonder about the state of humanity? You'll be reading the newspaper or a blog or watching TV, and a story comes up that sickens you right to the core. You sit there and read or watch and as you do, you begin to lose faith in the human race little by little. It is 9:34 in the morning at the time of this writing and I've just had that moment:

On the 11th within a Kunming Panlong District neighborhood, the four kittens of an adopted stray cat were abused to death. According to the family that adopted the stray cat, on the morning of the 11th when they heard the cat’s tragic cries, they rushed downstairs to discover this stray cat’s four kittens abused to death, and even placed in front of the mother cat. The kittens’ bodies were covered with bullet holes, with blood all over. One of the kittens had its neck tied with a rope and elongated, its chest cut open, heart exposed, while the other three kittens’ heads were stepped on. According to this journalist’s observation, the bullet holes on the kitten’s bodies were caused by a metal toy gun. It is reckoned that during the night of the 10th, someone used a toy gun to beat the kitten black and blue, so that it was unable to escape, before continuing to abuse/mutilate it to death, and intentionally put them beside the mother cat.

The most horrible part of all this isn't the shooting or the beatings with the toy guns or hangings. Those are all despicable acts, don't get me wrong. It's the fact that when these things (I refuse to call them "people") were done with the kittens, they intentionally put the corpses near their mother. The ones responsible for this are deeply, deeply disturbed beings and this last act signifies this.

EDIT: There was originally a picture that accompanied this post. Due to the extreme subject matter, I've chosen to remove it. If you would still like to view it at your own risk, it (along with others) are at the story link below.

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The first 10 minutes of "The Carter"

"QD3 Entertainment" (The people behind "Beef" series that's been all over Fuse) have premiered the first 10 minutes of their Lil Wayne documentary.

"Ho. Lee. Shit." The DVD's been out for a while now, so if the tease got your attention (as it did to me), order it from the official website listed with the video.

In related news, you all now know what to get me for Christmas.

The 2009 SI Sportsman of the Year

Isn't it just lovely?

Two quick facts:
  • Derek's the first baseball player to win Sportsman of the Year solo since Cal Ripken in '95. (Sammy Sosa & Mark McGuire shared it in '98, and so did Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson in '01)
  • He's the first Yankee to win the award, and just the 15th baseball player to win overall. (The award's been handed out every year since '59)

I'm thrilled he won, as are others, naturally. To hell with those guys, congrats Cap!

(pic source via Miami Herald, story from SI)

Test, test, test.

So, hello. I'm Brian and I'm not quite sure what I'm gonna do with this yet.

I may just kinda pick whatever I like from my Tumblr and slip it in here.
(Have you seen that yet? No? Well, go right ahead!)

I'll try to be as up to date as I can, posting whatever I can. But I can't make promises. I can only try.

Enjoy the show!